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2.4G Wireless Mute Waterproof Folding Silicone Soft 107 Keyboard

2.4G Wireless Mute Waterproof Folding Silicone Soft 107 Keyboard

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Product information:

Length: 404mm Width: 120mm Thickness: 6mm
Material: ABS+silica gel
Response time: 60ms
Operating temperature: - 40~55 ᄚ C
Keyboard type: 2.4G
Applicable type: desktop computer, notebook
Tablet PC, mobile phone (available with 0TG adapter)
Press force: 55 ᄆ 5g
Keyboard interface: standard USB interface
Button height: 4.4mm
Key pitch specification: standard
Working voltage: 1.9-3.3V
Service life: more than 5 million times
Language environment: Windows/98/ME/2000/Vista/WIN7/Android/Ios
Transmission distance: 10M
Number of keyboards: 107 keys
Functional characteristics: standard, built-in anti-interference capability,
Working current: 4mA

1. Ultra small design: the graphic design of the flexible keyboard also provides an easy typing mode without wrist pressure
2. Silence to avoid affecting others' comfortable rest (especially those who live in the same room)
3. Anti pollution, acid, alkali, dust and water
4. 2.4 GHz wireless transmission is used to eliminate noise
5. High efficiency and power saving capability can enable two AAA batteries to be used for one year under normal daily use conditions
6. Key life:>10000000 times

Packing list:
Keyboard * 1 +Receiver*1

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